BNVH AI Breeding Service:

Beard Navasota Veterinary Hospital offers artificial insemination breeding services that fit the need of any breeding program. We have protocols designed for individual show cattle, as well as large commercial herds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?
Approximately ten days.

How old does my heifer need to be?
Size is the most important criteria, 65% of expected mature weight should be allowed for adequate reproductive development; i.e. Brangus cows expectant mature body weight is 1150 Lbs. x .65= 748 Lbs.

What should I breed my cow to?
EPD's (Expected Progeny Differences) are important to consider when selecting a bull. Birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, etc. will help you to select a bull that will fit your reproductive goals.

Where can I get semen from?
Locally, companies such as Bovine Elite and Sexing Technologies offer a large selection. Most breeding service companies have the ability to ship semen directly to us. Click the links above to determine shipping criteria.

How soon can I find out if my cow is pregnant?
Blood tests can be run as early as 28 days after breeding date. Ultrasound and palpation can be done approximately 35-45 days. It is recommended your animal be pregnancy examined after 60 days gestation, as most pregnancy loss occurs in the first trimester.

How soon can I breed my cow back after calving?
It is recommended to wait 60 days post calving. A pregnancy soundness exam is a great way to determine if your cow is ready to breed. This procedure is included in the BNVH AI protocol.

We will be glad to assist you with customizing an AI program that meets your individual needs. Please reach out to us at 936-825-3877 to discuss.